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Eat.  Move. Talk!

a program in partnership with the Georgia Department of Public Health

E  A  T

Our Healthy Food Experience program provides delicious, nutritious foods to our mothers and children in innovative and fun ways!

Each week we highlight a fresh fruit or vegetable, and simple recipes for tasting are prepared by two Healthy Foods Experience teachers on our staff. Children engage in fun multi-sensory learning experiences with the food to encourage curiosity and excitement about trying new foods. As mothers taste the recipes, they discuss cooking for their families and share their own traditional recipes with each other. Recipes and activities are provided by the Jolly Avenue Garden.

During “Snap Pea Week” students sampled peas roasted in olive oil and spices, and went home with a new recipe!


Photo by Meredith White

infant dance.jpg

Photo by Meredith White

M  O  V  E

Each day our teachers incorporate movement activities into the classrooms that emphasize language and learning concepts.

A highlight of each week is when dance teacher (and former Rockette!) Margaret McPherson comes to lead music and movement classes that incorporate dance, music and language in each children's class. We are all excited when she joins us!

T  A  L  K

Language is a constant emphasis at our school!  We believe encouraging our mothers and children to talk together in both ​English and their home language is crucial.

Our partnership with the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy brings ongoing education and in-class coaching to our teachers and staff to develop further best practices in Dual Language Learning (in our case, multi-language learning!).


Photo by Jennifer Green

Eat.Move.Talk! is funded by the Georgia Department of Public Health
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