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Giving Thanks for 2013: A Year of Learning

Group of students drawing on paper

As teachers at Mommy & Me, we never know what we'll discuss each day when we walk into our classroom. Maybe a discussion about Thanksgiving Day will turn into a geography lesson about the Bering Strait, or a moral/philosophical discussion about how people treat the "outsider" in America and students' home countries. The one guarantee in teaching this group of phenomenal women is that each day we will leave feeling challenged and stretched. In some ways we are not very different from our students who are challenged every day they experience life in a new country. We also feel thankful, just as our students expressed their thanks at our Thanksgiving Day assembly. As they feasted on homemade turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pies, they listed things they were thankful for, a list that included "food, my family, my friends, America, and my teacher." Here at Mommy & Me, we are thankful for our students who inspire us daily. We are also thankful for our supporters and friends who facilitate experiences that are challenging, even life-changing for our students. This week we will post teachers' reflections from the past semester. They will share their favorite learning moments from the fall semester. We hope you enjoy!

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