Due to Covid19, our volunteer opportunities for the Fall 2021 semester are limited. Please contact us HERE for more details!
Volunteers are an essential part of our program! They come for an hour several times a week, or stay for a couple of hours one day each week.
Experience is great, but not necessary. We offer monthly orientation sessions for our new volunteers. 
Please check out our volunteer options below, and contact us for more information or to get started!

Children's classes

Infant Rooms

Help teachers in the baby room by playing with, feeding, and talking to the babies ages 0-1 in our school. During these important years when a baby's brain is developing and absorbing language, we provide the babies in our classes with lots of talking, singing, peek-a-boo, and playtime on the floor.


Toddler and Preschool Classrooms

Come play with toddlers and preschoolers who are learning to walk, express themselves, interact with new friends, and explore their surroundings. Help teachers with playtime, talking with children as they play and offering options for activities. Read stories, make music, help with snacks, and have fun with these cute kids!


Classes are from 9:00-12:30, Mondays through Thursdays.

Volunteers are welcome to stay for the whole morning or part of the morning.

Adult classes

English as a Secondary or Other Language (ESOL)

Many of our students would benefit from extra one-on-one help with a tutor. This gives you a chance to get to work closely with a student or assist our ESOL teachers with classroom activities.


Tutoring times are flexible during the 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. class times, Monday-Thursday.

RFL at Home

A volunteer is matched with a refugee woman who is learning English. 


The volunteer commits to a weekly visit to the family's home on a day/time that is determined by the volunteer and family.  Volunteer activities can include helping a student with their English learning, tutoring children or helping with resources.  Every match has a different need. 


Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more!


   Photo by Jennifer Green



Consignment Sale
Come help with our "Quarter Sale", a popular event with our students that helps them get needed items for their families. Volunteers may help by sorting clothes, helping collect money, and gathering leftovers to donate to a local clothing closet.


Gather + Donate Supplies
If you would like to get involved but can't commit to coming to our location, we would be grateful if you could gather supplies on our "WISH LIST" You may do this individually or coordinate a group to gather supplies and equipment for us.

Group Projects

We welcome short-term volunteer groups to work at our program. Groups can come for single or multi-day projects. 

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